Build Your Nest

Postpartum Planning Workbook

So happy to know Kestrel Gates who is the author of Build Your Nest Workbook. This is a comprehensive look at all the different ways you can plan what your postpartum time will look like. Which is so great because it brings a sense of empowerment into the picture.

Every single thing is covered and accounted for. A very clear layout of what to be aware of during the post-natal period. A guide for the practical applications of having clear boundaries with people that could ultimately lead to a very messy time. Life is already messy after giving birth!

This book lays out ways for getting support systems accounted for. Once these are at the ready, it will provide a thoughtful and nurturing transition into motherhood.

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Eating Well

FOr yourself and your child

I want to share some things that are actually near and dear to my heart. Nutrition has given me the ability to be active in the world. At one point a doctor said I wasn’t absorbing my food.That doctor was not on my insurance so I couldn’t see him all but once. I wasn’t working because I was having seizures all over town, for years. This explained why I passed out from just a second of lack of eating. Paying attention to what I am eating and how I am transforming my relationship with my body and engaging in my own healthcare, has put me in a position of power. I am empowered to know I have a say in how I feel and not just the mercy of western medicine’s habit of giving pills and not much else. Sugar knocks me out cold the next day. I stay away as much as possible.

I met Niti at a business event. In her book she speaks of her own mistakes that lead to an allergy that would not go away and gaining in ferocity. No pill or surgery was working. She decided to change her lifestyle around food, and everything changed. She then realized how broken the system is. And that health issues that used to only affect the older generation was being transferred to kids. The school system that her taxes were paying for food being given to underserved families, does not sit well with Niti. She is dedicating her passion to change these inexcusable practices, which are making children sick with very real repercussions.

One thing she found in her search for nutritional importance is when baby is in utero. She found that women who are not getting enough iron will produce babies with sub optimal brain health. She was so upset when she realized no OB-GYN’s are telling their patients this!

I recently was speaking to an elementary school teacher that was telling me about a teacher she knew that had implemented a practice she wanted to start at her school. It is something they are referring to as a protein time out. When a child was having a hard time keeping behaving well that would give them a protein snack. Behavior issues dropped by about 85%.

Things like Granola has as much sugar as donuts. This is the culture we have bought into. Feeding families is a full time job in many ways. After reading Nitikul’s book I felt inspired to create a different context about my eating. She is not implementing a diet, she is encouraging another way to see food as a way to be well.

Nitikul Solomon just moved to Portland from Salem, OR, where she has dedicated her pediatric practice to changing the way parents and children think about food, and practical ways of changing habits. She is practicing her philosophy with families she serves in her pediatric clinic with explosive results.

I loved the practical application way she presents way to really make a difference in your health.

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Ring Slings

Freedom with Newborns

Slings Slings Slings!!

These saved my sanity. My only other friend with a baby already was adamant about the sling. She didn’t have to push, I could see her mobility completely accessible to her during the newborn stage. I was sold.

First thing that comes to mind when I think about my experience with it waayyy back then, is how I could be breastfeeding Maya, while she is nestled in the sling, and then she just dropped off of my nipple into a peaceful sleep. I would sit, or walk or whatever, including making food!! I’d have her in the sling and I would be able to do what I needed to do. I loved it. Sometimes when things were really gentle, and she was really tired, I could take her off and set her down on a bed to sleep. So easy.

I did breastfeed while putting her to sleep. I just laid on our bed and nursed her to sleep. So it was a practice.

It was such a asset for when Maya’s dad would take her at the end of the day, so I could not melt down, and walk with her. He found something that worked when I needed help and Maya couldn’t stop crying. He would carry her down to the river and have her in the sling and get a warm patch of sun and bend his knees up and down for the rocking motion to get her to sleep, and it always worked.

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