New Family Gift Registry

WombPdx is a carefully curated list of services from experienced practitioners to be given as gifts to new parents. There are plenty of things in the world, we want to change lives.

Women can ask for their needs to be met after childbirth. The option to receive community with love and gratitude thus restoring wellness in the home environment is what WombPdx is here for. This balance of physical and mental health creates space for healthy connection. Support, and therefore rest, can fundamentally change the transition into parenthood.

This kind of care allows us the space to rest after the largest hormone shift that exists in the human body. Not to mention the that babies are almost ten pounds at birth, meaning however they came in, they created a shift in the women’s muscular body.

Women can register to let friends and family know what would really be a benefit to themselves, partners and therefore baby. The items listed can be purchased online. A gift box is sent to families with a few of our favorite local gems.

Register when you are pregnant or already in postpartum to bring a major life change into focus.

  • when families sign up a page is created that can be sent to whoever they choose

  • all services will be listed on pages unless otherwise stated

  • multiples of any service may be listed

Looking to donate to the cause? Feel free to contribute an amount of cash you feel comfortable with.

Thank you for your gift! All moms receive a Postpartum Gift Box after birth.


A Postpartum Plan is a detailed outline of how you will get the rest, support, and care you need when your baby comes.

The Build Your Nest postpartum planning workbook includes important information AND a personalized planning process.

Postpartum Planning Workbook

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