Abdominal Massage


Abdominal Massage


With over a decade of experience working with abdominal trauma, Isabel brings warmth and respectful, effective massage techniques to her sessions. Whatever your symptoms or worries, Isabel maintains a judgement free space and is happy to answer questions based on her long and robust experience.

The hands-on part of the work is respectful and at the mom’s own pace. Isabel uses session time to help create lasting, positive change where there is abdominal or pelvic distress. She also loves teaching techniques moms can use at home to continue their own long-term recovery.

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I specialize in post-natal abdominal recovery to help moms recover fully from the strain of pregnancy and childbirth.  In practice since 2007, I have specialized in abdominal care and recovery for nearly a decade.

I can help you with:

  • c-section scars and healing complications

  • residual abdominal and pelvic symptoms after birth

  • pubic symphysis and lingering low back pain

  • full abdominal function or flexibility hasn’t returned

  • random, odd, and/or unexplained pain, discomfort, and other symptoms