Postpartum Essentials

Addresses Needs 0-3 months

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Breastfeeding support includes the initial lactation visit of two hours, and a follow up visit of one and a half hours.

Possible reasons for a lactation consultation may include:

  • A painful and/or difficult latch

  • Baby weight gain issues, milk supply issues, fussiness or frustration at the breast

  • A baby that is “nursing all the time” and never seems satisfied

  • Food sensitivities or allergies for mom or baby

  • Sleep issues related to feeding

Lactation Consultant


Postpartum doula work provides information regarding healing physical wounds, any trauma that could be talked through and techniques for swaddling, carrying, sleeping and other concerns. Doula’s can come for a daytime visit or overnight.

Postpartum doula care visit consists of 4 hours of visitation.

Postpartum Doula


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Sleep Consultant

You will receive practical information, tools, and tips and tricks that will help you set your family up for healthy sleep from the start.

1 hr consultation at your home where we will discuss the following:

  • Infant sleeping and feeding patterns

  • Current safe sleep practices

  • Creating a sleep-friendly environment

  • Creating bedtime and nap time routines

  • Age-appropriate expectations and goals for the first few months

All techniques are attachment-friendly, breastfeeding-friendly and developmentally appropriate for 0-4 months old.

Sleep Consultant

Food Delivery

Breastfeeding moms (or those who are anemic or are recovering from a cesarean section delivery) need to be particularly conscious of what they are consuming. Unhealthy fats like saturated and trans fats have been known to alter the composition of breast milk.

Offering personalized nourishing food prepared and delivered.

Chef Package includes a one day meal plan that will last for more. One breakfast item, one lunch item, one main meal, with enough for leftovers, two sides and a dessert/snack. 

Food Delivery

Food Delivery