Abdominal Massage

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Isabel Spradlin, BA, LMT, NCBTMB from Spradlin Bodyworks.

One Massage Session-$115

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Katinka Locascio, LMT-  “One of the sad things that I see in my practice is the way women are taught to normalize pain and dysfunction either around their menstrual cycle or with digestion. Mayan Abdominal Massage helps break that cycle by first opening up the conversation about what’s normal and what’s not- to help the body come back into balance,” she explained. -Cassie Moriarty


I don’t want this to be the norm anymore. I want everyone to know about holistic treatments that bring body to balance and stops progression of pain. The body’s overcompensation stresses other muscles. We can find the preventive measure, instead of pain killers for years and years, with limited affect, contributing to a out of balance life.

Midwives birthed me into the mother that was given all the space to birth my way. It was very good for my confidence in the practice of how to listen to my body.  

Isabel on C-section relief.

Isabel on vaginal birth.