Abdominal Massage

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Isabel Spradlin, BA, LMT, NCBTMB from Spradlin Bodyworks.

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Katinka Locascio, LMT-  “One of the sad things that I see in my practice is the way women are taught to normalize pain and dysfunction either around their menstrual cycle or with digestion. Mayan Abdominal Massage helps break that cycle by first opening up the conversation about what’s normal and what’s not- to help the body come back into balance,” she explained. -Cassie Moriarty


I wish it was different when I see a new family, with friends maybe family, maybe both, table of six get up and everyone is ready to leave gets up, puts their jackets and…. Mom is carrying the newborn baby in the car seat carrier.

Ok…but this woman just carried this baby for nine months in her body, while baby took her stored minerals in bones if necessary, and then gave birth.

Whatever kind of birth ended up happening there is at least a chance that it took a lot out of this woman. Then there is the whole sleeping thing, oh and feeding every two to three hours, and then there are the diapers.

I don’t mean to include that the partner is doing nothing. I mean to say that maybe some close attention on her is needed. Some time to heal anyway. Resting to get her strength for 18 years of parenthood. Toddlers are a handful.

Some studies found that 60% of women have some pain in the incision 24 weeks after delivery. Some women experience muscle or incision pain for several months, others struggle with urinary incontinence due to weakened pelvic floor muscles.

The scar tissue can be sore and last if it is not addressed. Abdominal massage is a direct response to this pain. Greatly reducing stress and relieving pain as the body regains homeostasis.

Isabel on C-section relief.

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