Build Your Nest Postpartum Planning Workbook

Build Your Nest

Postpartum Planning Workbook

So happy to know Kestrel Gates who is the author of Build Your Nest Workbook. This is a comprehensive look at all the different ways you can plan what your postpartum time will look like. Which is so great because it brings a sense of empowerment into the picture.

So many things are covered and accounted for. A very clear layout of what to be aware of during the post-natal period. A guide for the practical applications of having clear boundaries with people that could ultimately lead to a very messy time. Life is already messy after giving birth!

This book lays out ways for getting support systems accounted for. Once these are at the ready, it will provide a thoughtful and nurturing transition into motherhood.

The other part of this workbook I love it looking deeply at who you want around and when and for how often… Kestrel lays out a scripted way to consider advantages of certain company and who would just not be advantageous

I have witnessed a few women that are caught in a horrible place of waiting to feel worthy of in-laws, or being decimated by the pressure of breastfeeding.

Dealing with Interfering Grandparents - “But if that grandparent has trouble adhering to basic boundaries, it can feel as if the chaos has maddeningly multiplied.” -Carla Bruce-Eddings

I lived 3,000 miles away from my family. My mother only came for maybe just a week early on. Our styles were pretty different. I breastfed Maya to sleep, co-slept and carried her around in the sling. Constantly. (also she wouldn’t let me put her down).

I remember so clearly her tip was to put Maya on the bed and then leave the room only to sneak and peak around the doorway, waiting for her to cry herself to sleep.

I don’t know how I would have navigated her 'advice’ on a continuous basis. I wouldn’t have thought of that impending interaction with her or anyone. (luckily I lived in the middle of nowhere) To think women would be able to digest that awareness before being in the possible overwhelm of new motherhood?!? Such a great way to have the structure in place, to prevent any impending doom.