Podcasts of Power

Listening to the women who would normally be unseen is such a gift, to me and to all with the pleasure of hearing these wise women.

I had a powerful birth experience that still moves me to this day. Being pregnant took me on a life that was not expected. Giving birth with a twenty year veteran midwife in Northern California, a complicated birth specialized midwife from Denmark and a sweet intern.

Because I was so out of my element being from Massachusetts, and no history with herbal medicine or anything organic I was very aware of all that was happening to me. Because of my vulnerability, I was start enough to be receptive.

I will always have the power of having this support system and what was given to me during a intense life changing process. A vortex of information I learned about myself, the intricacy of life itself, and the generosity of the feminine.

I love listening to other women’s stories and how their birth changes their lives, forever. Birth has such potential for growth if you are paying attention. No matter if it is amazing or has some tragedy, grace can be felt.